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The 'Leaky Cup'

The 'Leaky Cup'


** NOTE - we have now partnered with Mixed Media Girl who is now fulfilling all the orders for the 3D printed Leaky Cup. Please copy and paste the link below to order from her site directly. Its the same cup - just sent from Cali!!


The Masse Art Studio 'Leaky Cup'. You have seen this on our channel and now you can get your hands on one yourself.


For $24.95 (which includes shipping and handling) you will receive 1 'Leaky Cup' and a QR code that will give you access to some exclusive YouTube content. In this epsiode, only available to be viewed by those who purchase the 'Leaky Cup', Jeremy & Lee will walk you through some hints and tips on how to use the 'Leaky Cup', Cup maintenance and everything you need to know to create some stunning art!!


**Please Note - the 'Leaky Cup' prints multicolor so the cup you receive could be any number of colors from those above. Don't worry, this doesnt affect the final outcome of your wonderous art and they are all STUNNING!

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